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동영상 avi 파일 용량 줄이는 방법 by Virtualdub

인코딩을 하기 위해서는 동영상 변환프로그램(인코더)가 있어야 한다.
인코딩 프로그램은 여러 가지 있지만 이번 글에서는 버추얼덥 (Virtualdub) 이란 프로그램을 이용하기로 한다.
유지우 : 무지 우울하게 말씀하시네 ㅅ
F 12 : 오 유튜브하는 닝겐으로서 꿀팁이네욧!
이대호 : 그런데 avi 파일이 저장이 계속 관리자의 권한이 없어서 안 된데요.
해피해피데이 : 감사합니다..따라서
다운받고해봤는데 1.4기가가
98mb로 줄어드는기젓을봤네요..
영상도깨짐없이 원본과같네요..다음팟은깨지던데..좋은정보감사드리고요..추천드려요^^*

How to use VirtualDub

Learn how to use VirtualDub.
Covers download,importing video,supported formats, interface, saving segmented video, saving segment of images(Counter Strike) to video, compressing video file size(making Fraps video size smaller)

Start 0:00
Downloading : 0:28
Importing : 1:14
Interface : 1:25
Saving video segments : 2:37
Supported formats : 3:06
Converting series/segment
of images to video(Counter Strike) : 3:30
Compressing file size(Fraps) : 4:30

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Tevo77777 : So far, this appears worse then Movie Maker, which you get with your computer for free.

So that's sad.
ActCut00021719 : what files cause mines on OS (C:)
Markko : wtf cant even open mp4 :(
SodaMaster : olololololol
T A : tried downloading all the different versions, non will open my videos. anybody got a fix?

VirtualDub Setup and Installation

We've used VirtualDub on several occasions, but we've always focused on how to use it, without looking too closely at how to install and set it up! Today, I walk you through my entire setup process of the software, including how to get it to read from and write to more file formats, and how to install plugins!

VirtualDub Download:
VirtualDub FFMPEG Input Plugin:

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m_007 : Great and helpful thnx
Nur Sandi : Thank you bro!!..
L H : I am struggling to get it to capture from the VHS tapes. Does anyone know of YouTube Tutorial on doing this? t keeps telling me that it can't start the capture.
Peter Smithson : Spent a while trying to find simple instructions on how to load an mp4 file into virtual dub until I found this great video. Also has deshaker which happens to be why I'm looking at vdub again after all these years.
Player One : I put in the x264vfw it's installed it's in virtual dub but it doesn't want to work when i put in the video it keeps giving the same error can u help maybe its my settings idk but your tutorial is easy like the only one on YouTube so thanks!


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